Thursday training

photo2Thursday training sessions are free with all comers welcome, they are all about staying fit as a group and fast-tracking your paddling. We have a steady group of regular attendees but always welcome new paddlers and tailor all sessions to suit the range of abilities and conditions present on the day. Scroll down this page for our training schedule and meeting points throughout the year.

Thurs2Thursday training, Long Beach, January 2014

Aquaventurethon_2013Aquaventurethon, December 2013

2015/16 Thursday training schedule:

07/05 to 13/08 – Derwent Sailing Squadron, Sandy Bay (4.30pm for a 4.45 start)

20/08 to 01/10 – Derwent Sailing Squadron, Sandy Bay (4.45pm for a 5.00 start)

Daylight savings starts 4th October

08/10 to 17/12 – Southern end of Long Beach, Sandy Bay (5.30pm for a 5.45 start)

24/12 to 14/01 Christmas Break

21/01 to 31/03 – Southern end of Long Beach, Sandy Bay (5.30pm for a 5.45 start)

Daylight savings ends 3rd April

07/04 to 28/04 End of season break

Check for updates and cancellations.



23 December 2013

Aquaventurethon results:
Well done to everyone who rocked up last Thursday to see out the year of NLK group training and take on the inaugural Aquaventurethon. A big thanks to Cathy McComb and her family who took the time to organise the event – it was a cracker!

The course (teams of 2 – relay format) –
Swim with bouyancy vest around Long Beach pontoon
Paddle to dog buoy and back
Navigation run approx 1km with 16 checkpoints
Paddle to dog buoy and back with dismount/remount
Teams were awarded extra points for the quality of their “paddling reindeer” drawing upon registration, style of dismount, and other standout hijinks during the event. Teams were deducted points or otherwise severely handicapped for terrorising children innocently playing on the beach, being in the lead by too much, and other misdemeanours.
The big winners were Jordy Davis and Nick Smith who took home some goodies for their efforts courtesy of Epic, Vaikobi and Vajda.

Thursday Champions and special mentions:
We made some presentations during the post-event BBQ last week –

Ian Cooksey – fill-in Thursday coaching throughout the year, often at short notice – much appreciated – 1 case of Tassie’s finest

Most consistent 2013 – Ian Parker – it’s just not the same without Ian we reckon he’s been to 95 of the 100 NLK Thursday sessions since mid-2011 and steadily improving all the time – 1 pair of Vajda paddling shorts

Most improved 2013 – Jordy Davis – 18months ago got off the bike to get in the boat and now look at him go – 1 pair of Vajda paddling shorts

Everyone who’s gotten involved on Thursdays during 2013 – for the way in which the group has grown and improved together, the comradierie and the willingness to have a go that is what these sessions are all about. Vaikobi hats, visors and t-shirts all round!

Plans for 2014:
# More informal trips (downwind and coastal) with the group to keep building skills and paddle in different places.
# A road trip to an event on the mainland with a bit of a training/skills/paddling camp thrown in beforehand. Thinking caps are on!
# Setting up an early-morning equivalent session based in Kingston.
# Many more Thursdays….

Well done this year paddlers – see you out there again soon! Cheers, Ben

10 October 2013 

NLK training and TAS events calendar 2013/14 – update

Here’s our calendar planned out for the rest of 2013/14 including the events we’ll be at and the major events we’ll be training for. This year we’re structuring our Thursday training around some of these major events. Download the full schedule here: NLK_calendar_2013_14_update5

17 January 2013

An NLK Thursday training record attendance tonight with 30 paddlers rocking up for session 1 of our pre-Summer Survival “boot camp” paddling program. Long Beach was packed! On the menu was an 8km paddling time trial, a 4km beach run, then pizza. Well done all paddlers who took part and put down a TT effort – no matter what your time, whether you went the whole distance or not, the aim is to improve on tonight’s effort in 7 weeks time. It’s “most improved”, not “fastest time” that gets our respect on Thursdays. See you all next week for session 2 (speed and power, followed by a beach circuit).

8km TT times 17/01/13:

Cooka 43.22, Mick H 53.54, Phil G 52.42, Duane P 50.04, Mike A (out and back loops), Cathy Mc 52.17, Ian P 49.31, Peter Kent 50.28, Rod V (out and back loops), Flakey 49.26, Matthew A 55.19, Brent R 50.37, Mick D 50.22, Cam Mc 56.04, Simon M (out and back loops), Jodi T 51.44, Stefan E (2 laps no time), Jordy D 49.40, Banger 52.02 (2 laps), Matt P 51.47, Lester N 43.42, Troy B 45.44, Bucks 43.23, James P 48.23, Steve F 50.21, Alex H 48.59, Ben S 50.15, Peter Kay 49.59, Daniel K (out and back loops), Coach Ben (consumed with timing duties!).

15 January 2013

Hi paddlers,

After a cruisy paddle last Thursday – where we raised nearly $400 for the Tassie Bushfire Appeal :-) – we are back into more structured sessions for NLK training this week.

We are going to test drive a 7 week paddling-specific “boot camp” program in the lead-up to this year’s Summer Survival (March 3rd).

The program will start with an 8km paddling time trial this week. After this we will be doing a 3-4km beach run so bring your running shoes if you don’t want to go barefoot.

Every session in the next 7 weeks will be different, competitive, contain paddling and cross-training elements, and be designed to give you the edge on the paddling field come March 3rd.

Full program:

17/1/13 – 8km paddling TT, 3-4km beach run

24/1/13 – speed and power, beach circuit

31/1/13 – strength endurance (resistance), 3-4km beach run

7/2/13 – skills (beach out-and backs, downwind), beach circuit

14/2/13 – short and sharp (intervals), 3-4km beach run

21/2/13 – skills (mass starts, race-pace washriding), beach circuit

28/2/13 – 8km paddling TT, 3-4km beach run

The 7 week program, like all Thursday sessions, will be free to all comers.

Look forward to seeing you this Thursday for our first pre-Summer Survival session! The forecast is for 30 degrees and light winds – perfect for an after work splash and dash.

Thursday 17/1/13 session plan:

# Meet Southern Headquarters end of Long (Nutgrove) Beach, Sandy Bay 5.30pm

# Group warm-up starts 5.45pm sharp

# 8km paddle TT from 6pm, followed by beach run

# Optional wind-down at Sandy Bay pizza from 7.15pm

Cheers, Ben

Thurs_boot_camp09 January 2013

Hi everyone, NLK Thursday training is back on this week (tomorrow!). All welcome – especially new paddlers. We will be putting on a BBQ and drinks after the session with all proceeds going towards the Red Cross Tasmanian Bushfires Appeal.

# Long (Nutgrove) Beach, Sandy Bay – meeting on the grass next to Southern Headquarters

# Training session – 5.30 for 5.45pm on the water

# BBQ from 7pm

For more information on the 2013 Red Cross Tasmanian Bushfires Appeal check out:

Look forward to seeing you there and getting stuck into it for a new year after so much improvement from the group throughout 2012.

29 November 2012

NLK downwind TT 29/11/12


Coach Ben 21.39
Lester N 23.32
Troy B  24.20
Flakey  26.05
Phil M  26.14
Gordon H 27.22
Phil G  27.25
Andrew P  27.25 (guessed time as finished with Phil G)
Jodi T  27.45
Peter K  28.15
Duane P  28.41
Brent R  29.15
Stefan  30.00
Ian P  30.00
Drew B  30.20
Phil W  31.00
Tony M  31.10
Cameron  32.00


Top efforts by relative newcomers to the group Cameron, Tony M, and Phil W. The battle of the V8’s was raging with the end margin being only 10 seconds! Drew B was probably wondering why he chose this particular Thursday to make his comeback but he dug deep and he’ll be looking forward to more time on the water over summer. Ian P with 2 blades and Stefan with only one in the OC1 – couldn’t be split on the timesheets. Brent R perfectly executed time trial with a cool-off swim 1 metre after the finish line. Duane P also made a comeback to the group and will be a force to be reckoned with again soon. Peter K had a ball and learnt to “surf”! Jodi T flew the flag for the girls and as usual paddled faster than half the boys….. Andrew P, Phil G and Gordon H were in close proximity. Phil G was flying in the Swordy and can now officially be seen from space in his orange PFD. Phil M has returned from a stint of travel, coming 21st at the World Tri Champs, and endless swimming (no kayak training he assures us though!) to romp home in the top 5. Flakey solid as usual held just held Phil M at bay. Troy B getting the hang of his new Orca and on the podium not for the last time either we think. Lester N always a fierce competitor in any effort and downwind supremo showing the young fellas how it’s done. Coach Ben felt the pressure to get to the front ……someone has to take the times down!

21 August 2012

Times are below for last nights Thursday training TT loops……

Lumpy conditions made the 2km course tricky at times. We did 4 loops compared to the 3 done during our last two TT’s to start pushing our capacity in the lead-up to the Freycinet Challenge.


A welcome return to form by COACH romping home with MOST CONSISTENT SPLITS. MATT WATTON and IAN PARKER continue to take off chunks of time and jointly took out MOST IMPROVED. KATE ANDREWS, AMY ROSE-LANGMAID and JODI TEMPLAR show the boys how it’s done. MATTHEW PAGE and DUANE O’BRIEN now too fast to go off with the front markers. ALEX HUNT breaks into the 10 MINUTE CLUB and sends a warning out to his FREYCINET RIVALS. CHESTER P first night in a single after some introductory sessions in a double – well done.

Due to yacht movement our course was slightly shorter than our previous two TT’s (11 May – 2.2km, 21 June – 2.15km) however the lumpy conditions more than made up for that.

Times from last night and previous TT’s are all up under the “Thursday training page” of

See you next week!

Ian Parker – 11.10, 11.01, 11.02, 11.20

Phil Grainger – ?, ?, ?, ?

Matt Watton – 10.37, 10.23, 10.20, 10.24

Chester P – 1st night in the single, practice near Marina

Coach – 9.37, 9.36, 9.33, 9.38

Peter Kent – 12.08, 11.58, 11.00, ?

Troy B – 10.39, 10.25, 10.40, 10.46

Stubbsy – 11.02, 11.15, 11.10, 11.17

Mark Vanderstaay – 12.07, 12.06, 12.02, 12.20

Amy RL – 12.07, 11.50, ?, ?

Duane OB – ?, ?, ?, ?

Flakey – ?, ?, ?, ?

Jodi T – 11.21, 11.24, 11.25, 11.27

Alex Hunt – 10.34, 10.35, 10.42, 10.59

Kate Andrews – 14.00, 13.30, 14.00, 13.30

Sam Ibbott – 13.30, ?, 12.40, 12.30

Palms – ?, ?, ?, ?

Matt Page – 12.00, 11.29, 11.42, 11.39

One of four TT loops from 20/09/2012

12 July 2012

We haven’t mucked around the last two Thursday’s and have done some solid sessions. A 2, 4, 6, 8, 6, 4, 2 pyramid last week with 22 paddlers on the water, and a 60min/1.5km lap test this week with 16 paddlers. Results of the 60min/1.5km session are below.

60min/1.5km lap test handicaps (subject to change in the future!):

Bucks, Coach Ben – 0

Matt W, Scott K – 0.5

Ben S – 1

Ian P, Phil G, Ian A – 1.5

Matthew P, Brent R, Cathy Mc, Drew B, Justin M, Michael C, Bruce – 2

Sarah M – 2.5


9 laps – 1st Brent Ranson (7 + 2)

8.5 laps – 1st Ian P (7 + 1.5), 2nd Cathy Mc (6.5 + 2), 3rd Michael C (same pace and h/cap as Cathy Mc, just started 1 lap late)

8 laps – 1st Bucks (8 + 0), 2nd Matt W (7.5 + 0.5), 3rd Scott K (7.5 + 0.5), 4th Ben S (7 + 1), 5th Ian A (6.5 + 1.5)

7.5 laps – 1st Coach Ben (7.5 + 0), 2nd Phil G (6 + 1.5), 3rd Justin M (5.5 + 2), 4th Drew B (5.5 + 2)

7 laps – 1st Sarah M? (4.5 + 2.5)

A course map is below (thanks to Matt Watton). Well done all – especially Sarah M first ever 1hr continuous paddle and Brent Ranson handicap winner and now winner of our last two tests – see you next week!

21 June 2012

As the sun(?)  goes down and most of Hobart leaves work and goes home to a warm house………we go paddling! On the shortest day of the year we had a good turnout of 13 paddlers – a big welcome to newcomers Justin and Sarah. Times for our efforts are below – compared to 11 May when we last did this session some yachts had moved so instead of 2.2km the course was 2.15km – 10 seconds or so faster if you’re a bean counter. Well done all, especially to most consistent Brent Ranson and biggest improver from last time Matt Watton! Next week – time for some more short sprints (weather permitting) – see you there.

Matt Watton – 10.52, 10.48, 10.56 2nd most consistent, nearly 2min faster than 21 June total time!

Ian Parker – 11.29, 11.12, 11.33 dodgy 2nd lap time, but much faster than 21 June

Cathy McComb – 12.05, 11.58, 14.21 (crash) 20/30sec improvements laps 1 & 2

Ben Smethurst – __, __, __ (stopwatch) watch this space, Ben is a moving target

Alex Hunt – __, __, __ (stopwatch) same here this man is starting to mooove (when not crashing)

John Dawson – 13.01, __, __ (stopwatch) seemed to get better throughout session good pacing

Brent Ranson – 11.47, 11.47, 11.53 most consistent, 1min faster than 21 June total time!

Mark Vanderstaay – 11.57, 11.55, 12.35 (stopped for crash) v consistent well done

Andrew Palmer – __, __, __ (stopwatch) 2nd week of resistance training in the sea kayak

John Bamford – 11.00, __, __ (stopwatch) welcome back

Justin Marney – 2 full laps, 1 shorter lap – well done top effort in the V8

Sarah M – 2 shorter laps, 1 longer lap – great 1st session, see you next week!

Coach – AWOL, 10.04, 10.10 just hanging in there!

11 May 2012

Great session last night with 10 paddlers out on the water. Times for the 3 efforts are below – well done all. Bucks the winner with the most consistent splits. We will repeat the same session in approx 6 weeks and again in Aug (just before the Winter Challenge) but with 1 more lap. Next Thursday (17th) = short sprints!

Matt W – 11.27, 11.32, 11.32

Cooka – 10.15, 10.20, 10.17

John – approx 13.00, 11.45

Ian P – 11.50, 11.45, 11.48

Bucks – 10.20, 10.20, 10.19

Cathy – 12.31, 12.19, 12.29

Palms – 10.50, 10.50, 10.45

Ian A – 12.27, 12.50, 12.50

Brent – 12.25, 12.07, 11.56

Ben M – 10.31, 10.01, 9.35

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