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Moving Targets – weekday group training sessions

Check out our Moving Targets page for up-to-date information on these sessions.

Beginner lessons: 1-on-1 or group (1.5 hours)

The best way to experience paddling for the first time, to start off hassle-free with the right advice and techniques, and to fast-track your skill development.

$90 each / 1 person, $80 each / 2 people, $75 each / 3 people, $70 / 4 people.

Includes stable ski/kayak, paddle, PFD and leg leash.

Technique/skills 1-on-1 (2 hours) – includes video analysis

The session NLK was built upon and still the most popular for paddlers with a competitive streak or for new paddlers wanting to start off in the most comprehensive way. We gaurantee this session will improve your paddling and in the long term increase your efficiency and speed. Take-home drills are provided giving you the opportunity to self-improve for at least 5-6 weeks post-session.

$130 first lesson, $120 all subsequent lessons.

Downwind 1-on-1 (allow 2.5 hours) – includes technique work 

A more advanced session suited to paddlers wanting to step up but lacking confidence to take on open water conditions on their own. We will guide you every paddle stroke of the way and you will “learn on the move” during this spectacular coastal run. We meet at Kingston or Blackmans Bay where we load up on food and drinks and head off for the start. We commence the session from Tinderbox boat ramp with a 2km warm-up out to Tinderbox point where we work on your technique and balance. Following this, under the towering sea cliffs, we line up our final destination and work on catching runners, tracking across the waves, positioning on the wave, handling rebound slop, using your boat body and paddle in harmony with the water, and working with the water to maintain your momentum and energy. You’ll finish this session tired but inspired, ready to apply the skills learnt to your next downwinder!

For your first downwind session we recommend using one of our most stable skis, after which you can transition to your own for any follow-up sessions.

$130 first lesson (includes stable ski/kayak, paddle, PFD and leg leash), $120 all subsequent lessons. Participants must provide own transport/car shuttle options. Participants must be able to demonstrate an unassisted remount of their ski prior to the lesson.

Weather-window dependent (we need swell or a bit of wind from the SE, SSE, S or SSW – check when booking). Pretty much a goer anytime during summer in the afternoon sea breezes! Approximate distances from Tinderbox point – 6km to Blackmans Bay, 8km to Kingston.

IMG_1432Start of the Tinderbox downwind run

Technique/skills 1-on-1 (1.5 hours)

INTRODUCTORY – This is a session popular with new paddlers who own their own equipment and want a concise introduction to the correct techniques and skills.

ADVANCED – Available as a follow-up to a previous session. Take-home drills are provided giving you the opportunity to self-improve for at least 3-4 weeks post-session.

$90 each.

Group technique/skills sessions (2 hours) – includes video analysis

The group version of our most popular session. Tailored to suit your group.

$100 each / 2 people, $90 each / 3 people, $8o each / 4 people, $70 each / 5 people, $60 each / 6 people

Group technique/skills sessions (1.5 hours)

Ideal for a group of new paddlers or for more experienced paddlers wanting to improve their paddling in a group environment. Tailored to suit your group.

$70 each / 2 people, $60 each / 3 people, $50 each / 4 people, $45 each / 5 people, $40 each / 6 people

Open water skills sessions (1.5 hours)

Kingston Beach, Blackmans Bay and nearby areas. These sessions introduce skills and boat handling needed for optimal beach, coastal, open water and downwind paddling.

$50 each (minimum of 3, maximum of 6 participants per session).

Weather-window dependent (we need swell or a bit of wind – check when booking).

All day coaching clinic (am – technique, lunch – video review + discussion, pm – open water skills + advanced technique)

Minimum of 6 people, maximum of 12 people. Includes course notes and follow-up information on request. Tailored to suit your group.

Local (Hobart area) – $90 am session + lunchtime review, $120 all sessions.

Travel (within Tasmania) – $120 am session + lunchtime review, $150 all sessions.

We also offer a compressed (half-day) version of this clinic to suit your schedule – $POA.

Fitness assessment with LactatePro + training zone report (allow 2 hours for the test, report is emailed within 1 week of test)

Suitable for serious paddlers, or paddlers undertaking events or training programs where pacing and training zones are important. Blood lactate levels, heart rates, GPS data and times are measured over a multi-stage course to determine your fitness profile, identifiy weak points, set fitness targets, and allow tailoring of training programs. Performed for over 30 Tasmanian paddlers so far, including 2010 World Masters Champion Matt Dalziel.

$160 each test.

Training programs – Tailored to you and your target event. Can be combined with any service above to cover all aspects of technical and physical preparation.

Available for a wide range of paddlesport and multisport events. Some examples over the years have been Wildwater and Ocean racing World Championships, the 20 Beaches ocean race, Flatwater sprint & marathon National Championships, Ocean racing State Championships, the Mark Webber Adventure Challenge, and programs supporting paddlers or individuals competing in Tasmanian multisport races (Winter Challenge, Summer Survival, Freycinet Challenge, The Icebreaker and the Launceston Cataract Challenge).

Minimum of 4 weeks. Weeks 1-4  @ $35/week, 5-10 @ $30/week, 11+ @ $25/week.

Paddlesport & multisport events

Event creation, planning, sponsorship, budgeting, promotion, management and operations – you name it we love it! If you have (or have an idea for) a viable and interesting event and need someone to help make it happen please get in touch. Check out our “Events” page for more information. We currently assist the following Tasmanian organisations with their events:

Endorfun (

Sandy Bay Regatta Association ( / Southern Paddlers (

Equipment (skis, kayaks, paddles & accessories)


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Coaching services – Terms and conditions – Prices are valid for coaching sessions in the Kingston and Sandy Bay areas except where otherwise specified. Travel costs may apply to other locations depending on participant numbers. Full payment in advance of a session may be required. Cancellation or change of numbers within 48 hours of a session booking may incur a 100% cancellation fee.